If you control your weight constantly

If you control your weight constantly, quickly get the feeling that your efforts are in vain. Lose weight if more than two pounds per week, you’d better slow down slightly and increase energy intake.

Become A Muscle Builder

Composition of diet – Most people lose weight when their caloric intake around 4000-6000 kJ per day. The specific value but depends on several factors. For example, men may take more energy, older people prefer less because they cannot move much. It is also important what your muscle mass, and whether you have had several unsuccessful diets. In this case it is necessary to keep the lower end of reception.

In principle, it is argued that we should minimize fat intake. That’s not entirely true. Some fats are necessary for the functioning of our body. These include in particular unsaturated fatty acids omega-3. First, reduce the risk of heart disease and blood clotting and one control blood pressure and protect against heart rhythm disorders.


They can also relieve menstrual cramps and cause inflammation in the joints. These healthy fats found in cold water fish, such as salmon, mackerel, trout or tuna. So a fat pay: not omit, but to modify and maintain the daily dosage.

In order to ensure optimal energy for the whole day, it is best to start with complex carbohydrates. The more advanced the time of day, much less would they be. Evening is therefore most vegetables in combination with a low-fat meat.





Make sure for plenty of fiber

Make sure plenty of fiber – Every meal is accompanied by a piece of fruit or vegetables. Priority is given to vegetables that you can eat per day and 1,000 g. Remember not to proteins – can be found in cheese, fish or poultry meat.

During the tribulation, and all prohibit a note with stress or frustration. I prefer to specify a threshold below which you can go and commit small infractions.

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Treat yourself to a day a few pieces of quality chocolate, then certainly easier once resist the whole table.

Choose foods with a lower glycemic index, which facilitate weight loss and also regulate blood sugar levels, the higher the glycemic index, the less the rising blood sugar. Energy is released gradually, so we satiety lasts longer as a result, the excess energy not stored in fat reserves. The glycemic index vegetables are approximately 20, which places her at the forefront.


The fruit contains a lot of carbohydrates, fortunately complex, so its glycemic index is only about the 30th It also contains a fiber, therefore, the consumption of fruit in small doses recommended three to five times daily. However, if you overfeed fruit while maintaining a normal diet, weight loss will not occur

. When healthy weight loss per week, you should lose about one kilogram, the weight you climb once a week and enjoy your success.